Karina S. Testimonial

Karina S. Testimonial

“Prior to joining THRIVE, I felt a bit isolated from others who were currently skyrocketing in their career. Here I am trying to truly find a balance between family and career, while others "just had it figured out". Participating in THRIVE has been such a rewarding experience. It gave me the opportunity to connect with women who all came from different backgrounds, life stories, professions, and who are all exploring new career opportunities that would best fit their lifestyle. There's not a one size fits all answer to what career move works best for your family, so it's been amazing to be part of a group of women who all share a common struggle of trying to find their version of balance.

Anna has been an absolute amazing coach and leader through this process. She is so genuine and thoughtful throughout each session, allowing the group to really have time to brainstorm, digest information and self-explore. She also offers some very useful tips and resources along the way! I would definitely recommend THRIVE to any woman out there who is invested in finding a career that works to meet their version of balance.”


Kori L. Testimonial

Kori L. Testimonial

“Before working with Anna I was seeking new opportunities to re-enter the workforce based on my previous professional experiences and skillsets but I wasn't finding anything that truly sparked my interest. I was in a place that I had a chance to reset and reposition myself professionally but I wasn't sure where that meant I should land.

Over the course of a few sessions with Anna, she used tools to focus in on skills and industries that best suited my interests and personality. She quickly identified and honed in on an area that I showed interest in but discounted myself from for various reasons. The process was very eye-opening! Her coaching included some great questions, exercises, and time of personal reflection.

The result was a path that would provide professional opportunities that best suit my talents. I also now have a clearly defined set of parameters for potential new projects, this allows me to quickly and confidently evaluate opportunities. Since working with Anna I've had great success pursuing projects that combine my strongest skills with what I enjoy doing. I feel like I landed right where I was meant to be and I would have taken a much longer and winding path without Anna.”

— Kori L.

Elizabeth B. Testimonial

Elizabeth B. Testimonial

“It’s hard to describe the fear and anxiety SAHMs face when re-entering the workforce. I dreaded my time away had now rendered my 14-year career experience and skill set obsolete. After a year and a half at home, I knew I wanted to go back to work, but I definitely did not want to go back to my old line of work. The problem was I had ABSOLUTELY no idea what I wanted to do next.

Enter Anna McKay! After taking the Myers-Briggs assessment, completing several exercises and thought-provoking questions through our in-depth coaching sessions, we were able to separate what I disliked about my old career and focus on what made me passionate and inspired. I honestly had an epiphany! I have always gravitated towards the creative side of my old job but somehow refused to acknowledge this about myself.

I now have a clear idea of what jobs I want to pursue and a focused approach to a career in this new field. Most importantly she showed me how my former skill set will be needed and valued as I go forward. “

— Elizabeth B.

Amy M. Testimonial

“I just finished Anna McKay's amazing THRIVE workshop and wanted to highly recommend to anyone rolling around the idea of getting back into work in some way.

I've been so focused on kids and family since stopping work six years ago that I forgot what excites me and what skills and assets I have to contribute to meaningful, bigger-picture projects. In addition to helping me refocus my thinking on what my future career might look like, potentially the biggest benefit to me from the workshop was helping to reconnect me with MYSELF, both personally and professionally. Stopping for a few hours each week and really focusing on my future was something long overdue and beneficial in so many ways. The FUN sessions are held in a group setting and being able to workshop the exercises among women with a broad range of backgrounds was so productive since the other participants were able to provide unique points of view.

Regardless of whether you're looking to go back to work immediately, this was an eye-opening and truly worthwhile exercise in reestablishing my goals, needs, wants, and being able to redefine myself for what the next part of my life will look like now that my kids are in school full time and I have the ability to pursue meaningful work outside of the home.”

- AMY M.

Allison H. Testimonial

“I began working with Anna because I felt like something was missing in my life. Many of my duties as a parent, and volunteer positions, were draining me rather than filling me up. I was frustrated because I was “working” a lot, but not enjoying the work of being a stay at home mom and volunteer. I felt insignificant, insecure and unsure about my place in this world. Having not excelled in a particular career before becoming a mother I was unsure how to move forward.

Working with Anna was truly eye-opening. I got back in touch with who I am – my personality attributes, passions, values, strengths and past successes that I had long ago forgotten about. I began to build confidence quickly once I realized how much I do have to bring to the table in terms of my skills and life experiences. Anna did more than just encourage me to explore areas of interest; she gently but firmly held me accountable to actually do the “work” of exploring and investigating opportunities. Anna asked me – the whole group – to map out the exact steps to take to explore an occupation or interest, and to take and report back about those steps.

I have changed the way I think about myself because of THRIVE. I now see myself as a capable, multi-talented asset to an employer or volunteer organizations. I learned a great deal about my personality and interests – so much so that moving forward I won’t make the mistake of saying yes to work or volunteerism that does not line up with my values, strengths and passions. I feel empowered and centered in a way I honestly have never felt. I know who I am, and I am very proud of that woman.”

- Allison H.