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Easy Checklist for the Empty Nester Mom Returning To Work

The kids have fled the nest and you’re ready to spread your wings as well by getting back to paid work. As you peek over the nest and start to consider the opportunities available, it can feel scary – like you’ll never be prepared to make the jump. 

Fear not, we’re here to help you navigate being an empty nester mom returning to work so you can establish the career you’re passionate about, with confidence! 

Here are a few easy things you can do to feel prepared as an empty nester mom returning to work: 

Reassess your goals and desires 

Just because you left a job in finance when you had kids doesn't mean that's a great career for you now. Take time to really consider what your goals are for returning to work and where you want to be in one year and three years. Consider taking a career or personality assessment to unveil those not-so-obvious aspects of yourself that could help you find your dream career.

Brush up on your skills 

If you’ve taken time away from the workforce for a few years, it’s time to brush up on your skills. The best practices and technology moves fast and doesn’t wait for anyone. Make sure you’re up to speed on all the skills you need to excel at your desired job. If you don’t feel prepared, take a course, earn certifications, or meet with a career coach to help you put together a solid progression plan that will prepare you for success.

Practice interviewing  

Job interviews can make even the most extroverted person feel nervous. As an empty nester mom returning to work, brush up on your interviewing skills. Research commonly asked interview questions for the industry you’re interested in or find interesting companies on Glassdoor to uncover what type of questions they ask. Gather this information and then formulate your answers to each. 

Practicing answering out loud, as if you are really in an interview, is the best way to prepare! Record yourself as you answer the questions or recruit a friend to play the role of interviewer and provide feedback afterwards. 

Ease into it

Raising kids and being a stay-at-home mom is a job in itself but it’s radically different than a desk job. Do yourself a favor and ease back into work. Do some volunteering and shadowing to help visualize what your new routine would look like in that environment. Don’t jump at the first opportunity that comes along unless it truly is your dream job. Take your time and make sure the job is a great fit for you, and vice versa.

Embrace the new normal 

For empty nester moms returning to work, entering the workforce is a lifestyle change that may not be easy, especially after a long break. Try to embrace this new normal and be patient in finding a new groove that works for you. Keep aspects of your old routine that you liked while being flexible to include the new demands of a job. 

Find a career coach 

Navigating the transition between stay-at-home mom and working mom can be tricky. We help everyone from empty nesters to new moms transition back into the workforce. And we provide career assessments to help you move forward in this stage in your life with success and confidence. If you want to connect and learn more about how we can help you, connect with us today