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How To Build A Strategy For Returning To Work In The Fall

Are you planning a return to work after the kids start kindergarten, head to middle school, or go off to college? Or perhaps your maternity leave will be up soon and you’re starting to think about your game plan now that you are a first time mom. 

Summer is the perfect time to start preparations for your return to work in the fall. Building a strategy for returning to work after kids is never easy, so let the summer with for you and start now. 

Here are our tips for building a strategy for returning to work in the fall.

Plan the Logistics Of Your New Schedule 

Is your child young? Use the summer to vet daycare options. Visit several and find the best situation for you and your kiddo. This process can take longer than you might think, so start now and give yourself the extra time.

If your children are older and attend school during working hours, determine what time they need to be dropped off and picked up and how that will impact your schedule. As you start to have conversations with potential employers, be upfront about any flexibility needs you may have as you nail down the routine.

Secure a Backup

As moms, things happen beyond our control all the time. Think through what needs to happen when your kid gets sick or injured at school and needs to be picked up. Make sure you have a trusted family member or friend you can count on to help out in emergencies in case you can’t get there quickly. Check out your local babysitting services to find options for last minute sitters. Here in Houston, we are lucky to have The Motherhood Center that provides this service. Prepare now and have peace of mind later.

Sharpen Your Skills

If you took a significant amount of time off, you’ll likely need to brush up on some skills. Consider enrolling in “summer school,” and set some time aside to teach yourself what you need to know, or enroll in an online course or two. Set yourself up for success by assessing your skills and where they need to be to excel in your upcoming role. 

Update Your Professional Online Presence & Resume

Update your LinkedIn profile and resume with any new skills, certifications, and information about yourself. Check out our online workshops for these resources. That way you aren’t scrambled when you see the perfect job listing or interviews start rolling in!

Speak With a Career Coach

If you need guidance on setting up your strategy for returning to work, a career coach can equip you with the right tools at the right time in your career to succeed. Summer is the perfect time to schedule an appointment and setup a game plan with an expert. 

At Parents Pivot, we specialize in helping women return to work after having children. Will you be next? Contact us to learn more!