The One Thing You Must Do Returning To Work After Kids


Returning to work after kids looks different to every mom.

For some, it’s immediately after maternity leave. For others, it’s when the kids are in school. Or returning to work after kids may not happen until your babies are off to college, leaving you an empty nester.

Whatever your reason, whatever your path, there is one thing you must do returning to work after kids.


Yes, that’s it! It sounds simple, but this is an amazing gift you’ve been given. You have the opportunity to assess your career path in a unique way. 

Sometimes our career before kids worked well for us at that point in our lives, but after becoming a mom it’s a completely different story. With young kids, you can’t be at the office until 8 pm, work during the evenings and on the weekends. New working moms need more work-life balance than before. 

But it’s not just the work-life balance. It’s also who you are and what you want to do. Kids have a way of touching your heart and changing you for the better. What you found fulfilling before may not be the case now. Being a mom changes things.

Career Reflection: Returning To Work After Kids

To help jump start your reflection, consider these questions:

  • What did you really love about your old job? 
    Did you work with great people? Did you enjoy the client or customer service communication?

    Create a list of the things you really enjoyed and could see yourself doing again.

  • What do you not want to do again that you did before? 
    Create a list of things you need to change. Can’t work the long hours or overtime anymore? 

    Write it down. Reflect and write down every aspect of your job that you don’t want to take into your future career.

  • If you could do anything, what would it be? 
    Create a list of your pie-in-the-sky ideas. This is your chance to really pursue your dreams and passions. You can go anywhere from here. 

    Perhaps you loved the work you did but don’t want to be client-facing anymore. Now, you really want to explore the creative side of your old job. Pursue it! Or maybe you’d love to be your own boss and open your own business. Write it down! Don’t let the what-ifs and obstacles keep your dreams off your list. For now, you’re just reflecting.

Consider a Career Coach When Returning To Work After Kids

If you’re struggling to really open up your mind and reflect on where you’ve been to decide where you want to go when returning to work after kids, a career coach could be exactly what you need. At Parents Pivot, we help moms returning to work after kids with personalized 1:1 or groups sessions. We believe when you find a meaningful career that suits your unique talents and needs, then you can lead as your best authentic self, with more natural energy and joy for doing great work. Contact us to learn more.